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Hovercraft Africa is the leading hovercraft dealer in Africa.  We are a one-stop shop for Everything Hovercraft!

We are here to help you take your first steps into the unique & amazing world of hovercraft. We can help you with your first hovercraft test flight experience and basic training. We can also assist you with your maintenance and servicing needs.

We can source hovercraft from overseas saving you the hassle of importing & shipping. At Hovercraft Africa we are passionate about hovercraft of all shapes and sizes, come and join the unique and amazing world of all that is hovercraft.

We offer:

  • Sales of new hovercraft
  • Sales of used (pre-owned) hovercraft
  • Resale of hovercraft (we will sell your hovercraft for you)
  • Procurement of specialist craft
  • Driver (pilot) training
  • Hovercraft service and maintenance
  • Advice and guidance

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What is a Hovercraft

A hovercraft is exactly that...
A craft that hovers!

Hovercraft are unique and amazing vehicles, they can travel over pretty much any relatively smooth surface like water, sand, mud, ice, snow, short grass concrete and tarmac! And can easily transition between all of these surfaces. Because the skirt under the hovercraft is flexible they can also pass over obstacles. Small hovercraft can pass over small obstacles say 100mm high and big hovercraft can pass over bigger obstacles sometimes over a 1m high.

Hovercraft float on a cushion of air that is why they are sometimes referred to as air cushion vehicles (ACV's).

Air is constantly pushed under the hovercraft hull with a fan and air is temporally held there by a flexible skirt that is attached around the hull, and because bottom of the skirt is open the air constantly escapes from under the skirt. However the air pressure under the hovercraft remains slightly higher than atmospheric pressure and so the hovercraft is lifted up and hovers!

As the air escapes from under the skirt it leaves a little air gap between the edge of the skirt and the surface it is floating on. Because the hovercraft is hovering it can move in any direction with very little friction.

A hovercraft is propelled forward with the aid of a fan or propeller. Some hovercraft designs usually small light hovercraft utilise what is known as integrated systems this uses a single powered fan for both lift and propulsion. Some of the thrust air is diverted under the hull of the hovercraft to create the lift. Some small hovercraft and large hovercraft use a dedicated fan for lift (a lift fan) and a separate fan for propulsion sometimes with two separate engines to run these fans.

As above, the hovercraft is propelled forward with a fan or propeller. The direction of the air flow is controlled by rudders behind the fan. The pilot of the hovercraft controls the rudders direction with either handle bars or a steering wheel. Some hovercraft even have ailerons like a plane to direct the air flow up or downward to help trim the hovercraft.

There are many variations on this theme and there are many different types, designs and size of hovercraft but they all use basically the same principle.

Because of the versatility of hovercraft they can be used in many different theatres of operation and have many different applications.

Hovercraft Africa now offer various services from simple advice over the phone to charters for light industrial applications.

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