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Hovercraft Africa environmental cleanup

Hovercraft Africa were commissioned by a mining group to clean up a tailings dam at one of their mines.  The hovercraft is the only vehicle for this type of operation as it can traverse both land and water and the highly unstable quicksand area in between. A hovercraft is the only vehicle that can stop on the deep quicksand type mud and restart without getting stuck. To ensure the safety of our hovercraft pilots during the clean-up operation, personal protective equipment was worn at all times. With two hovercraft operating at the same time the clean-up was done quickly and efficiently.

The environmental clean-up was a great success thanks to the hovercraft’s unique abilities. Every part of the tailings dam could be accessed, and all foreign objects were removed and equipment that was once thought of as lost was retrieved and put back into service.

Hovercraft Africa can work in the harshest of conditions and with the hovercrafts truly amphibious attributes and our skilled pilots accessing areas that were once thought of as impossible to access is now possible thanks to hovercraft and Hovercraft Africa.

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