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Navigating Uncharted Terrain

Recently Hovercraft Africa we contracted to provide assess for engineers to do inspections of the Well points on a Soda ash mine in Africa.

Due to higher than normal rain fall access was impossible by any other type of vehicle.

The ground conditions encountered were dry hard pack, dry grassland, wet grassland, sticky mud, deep mud, quick sand/mud, shallow water, deep water.

The hovercraft being the only vehicle to be able to seamlessly traverse all of the above listed ground conditions and effortlessly transition between them, made the hovercraft the access vehicle of choice.

Our mission was….

  • To access & obtain real time on the ground data as to the condition and serviceability of the well-points and pipe-lines, selected for inspection.
  • To access currently impossible to get to well-points & pipe-lines & obtain data.
  • Also confirm to the mine that a Hovercraft is a viable access method.
  • Compile all the information gathered.

Here are some pictures of the Wellfield Inspection.

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